The Law of Marriage and A Law for Same-sex Couples

Have you looked up the first or original definitions of some of these words? If you don’t believe what we defined here by definition, please look it up.

The definition of words are meant to define the meaning or characteristics of the nature we are describing. Gay describes homosexuals. Lesbian specifically describes a gay or homosexual woman. You will have to go as far as the tenth sense in the third subsense of the definition of the word straight to describe a heterosexual – that’s quite a stretch! Hence, marriage describes a heterosexual couple.

The law of marriage is not meant to discriminate same-sex couples anymore than the law of gravity is meant to discriminate anyone or anything from floating away into space. The law of marriage as we all know defines the union between a man and a woman as husband and wife. Same-sex couples need only a law that defines them as a union of the same sex. These two laws can then be recognized in government administration to be granted the same benefits or equal rights as the other. LGBT may decide what they want to call this law.

The first definition of a husband is a man joined to a woman in marriage. Likewise a wife is a woman joined to a man in marriage. Therefore, under the law of marriage, a same-sex couple should not call their partners husband or wife because we would be left to presume they are a spouse of the opposite sex. We used the word partner for couples of the same sex because the word spouse is also reserved for a marriage partner of a husband or wife.

Additionally, a same-sex couples household should not be defined as a family because by the law of nature, the family, too, has been known to consist of a mother, a father and their offspring. Again, same-sex couples should avoid calling their household a family because we would be left again to presume the couples are of the opposite sex.

A new law for same-sex couples may be the solution to granting equal rights to benefits without complicating the meaning of a married couple and their family of children. With that said the phrase same-sex marriage should not be combined because the addition of the word same-sex contradicts the meaning of marriage.

The final word – marriage is not only religiously defined but also defined by the dictionary as a legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.  Trying to marry couples of the same sex is like trying to define couples of the opposite sex as gay. It doesn’t work.